I'm so incredibly thankful to Diana! She is so knowledgeable and very passionate about what she does. She always has so many ideas and advice. She has been helping me from the first step with my brand, and it was very productive. Thank you so much!

- Anna Kadychkina, Go-To Superfoods

Hi, I’m Diana

From my 20+ years in the wholesale/retail industry, I help novice DTC brands gain insightful knowledge of wholesale operations so they can be empowered to start and continue to thrive in the B2B industry.

Being a wholesaler offers access to a wide variety of outlets and enables you to connect with a broad customer base. Providing products on wholesale basis enables wider audiences access to the your products therefore, you can expand the business quickly. Companies can scale and grow their brand more efficiently by selling goods to other businesses.

Looking forward to meeting you, and thank you for taking my course!


  1. Is this class self-paced? Yes!
  2. Will there be homework assignments? Just a few.
  3. Can I get additional assistance? Yes. Come to our weekly group coaching calls.